Journal publications

Spectral broadening of 2 mJ femtosecond pulses in a compact air-filled convex-concave multi-pass cell
A. Omar, T. Vogel, M. Hoffmann, C. J. Saraceno

Enhancement of THz Generation in LiNbO3 Waveguides via Multi-Bounce Velocity Matching 
B. Dastrup, E. Sung, F. Wulf, C. Saraceno, K. Nelson
accepted for publication in Light, Science and Applications (Oct. 2022)

400 kHz repetition rate THz-TDS with 24 mW of average power driven by a compact industrial Yb-laser
Celia Millon, Sarah Houver, Clara J. Saraceno
Accepted for publication in Optics Express 

Broadband THz-TDS with 5.6 mW average power at 540 kHz using organic crystal BNA
Samira Mansourzadeh, Tim Vogel, Alan Omar, Mostafa Shalaby, Mirko Cinchetti, Clara J. Saraceno

8.7-W average power, in-band pumped femtosecond Ho:CALGO laser at 2.1 um
W.Yao, Y. Wang, S. Tomilov, M. Hoffmann, S. Ahmed, C. Liebald, D. Rytz, M. Peltz, V. Wesemann, C. Saraceno
Optics Express Vol. 30, Issue 23, pp. 41075-41083 (2022)

Temperature-independent non-linear terahertz transmission by liquid water
C. Millon, J. Schmidt, S. Ramos, E. P. van Dam, A. Buchmann, C. Saraceno, F. Novelli
AIP Advances 12, 115319 (2022)

50-W average power Ho:YAG SESAM-modelocked thin-disk oscillator at 2.1 um
Sergei Tomilov, Yicheng Wang, Martin Hoffmann, Jonas Heidrich, Matthias Golling, Ursula Keller, Clara J. Saraceno
Optics Express Vol. 30, Issue 15, pp. 27662-27673 (2022)

Average power scaling of THz spintronic emitters in reflection geometry
Tim Vogel, Alan Omar, Samira Mansourzadeh, Frank Wulf, Natalia Martín Sabanés, Melanie Müller, Tom S. Seifert, Alexander Weigel, Gerhard Jakob, Mathias Kläui, Ioachim Pupeza, Tobias Kampfrath, Clara J. Saraceno 
Optics Express Vol. 30, Issue 12, pp. 20451-20468 (2022)

THz generation with photoconductive emitters with a low-noise GHz repetition rate laser
F. Fobbe, T. Vogel, R. Kohlhaas, F. Wulf, B. Globisch, M. van Delden, B. Rudin, F. Emaury, T. Musch, C. J. Saraceno
Proc. SPIE 12000, Terahertz, RF, Millimeter, and Submillimeter-Wave Technology and Applications XV, 120000A (7 March 2022)

Nonlinear pulse compression of a thin-disk amplifier and contrast enhancement via nonlinear ellipse rotation
Yanik Pfaff, Carola Forster, Gaia Barbiero, Michael Rampp, Sandro Klingebiel, Jonathan Brons, Catherine Y. Teisset, Haochuan Wang, Robert Jung, Jasna Jaksic, Abel H. Woldegeorgis, Clara J. Saraceno, and Thomas Metzger
Optics Express Vol. 30, Issue 7, pp. 10981-10990 (2022)

High-power modelocked thin-disk oscillators as potential technology for high-rate material processing
Y. Wang, S. Tomilov and C. J. Saraceno
Advanced Optical Technologies  

Milliwatt average power, MHz-repetition rate, broadband THz generation in organic crystal BNA with diamond substrate
S. Mansourzadeh, T. Vogel, M. Shalaby, F. Wulf, and C. J. Saraceno
Optics Express Vol. 29, Issue 24, pp. 38946-38957 (2021)

Analysis of THz generation using the tilted pulse front geometry in the limit of small pulse energies and beam sizes
F. Wulf, M. Hoffmann, and C. J. Saraceno
Optics Express Vol. 29, Issue 12, pp. 18889-18904 (2021)

Moving towards high-power thin-disk lasers in the 2-µm wavelength range
S. Tomilov, M. Hoffmann, Y. Wang, C. J. Saraceno
Journal of Physics: Photonics, Volume 3, Number 2

High-power Lensless THz Imaging of Hidden Objects
S. Mansourzadeh, D. Damyanov, T. Vogel, F. Wulf, R. Kohlhaas, B. Globisch, T. Schultze, M. Hoffmann, J. C. Balzer, and C. J. Saraceno
IEEE Access, DOI: 10.1109/ACCESS.2020.3048781

Cryogenically cooled GaP for optical rectification at high excitation average powers
N. Hekmat, T. Vogel, Y. Wang, S. Mansourzadeh, F. Aslani, A. Omar, M. Hoffmann, F. Meyer, and C. J. Saraceno
Optical Materials Express, Vol. 10, Issue 11, pp. 2768-2782 (2020)

Single-cycle, MHz-repetition rate THz source with 66 mW of average power
F. Meyer, T. Vogel, S. Ahmed, and C. J. Saraceno
Optics Letters Vol. 45, Issue 9, pp. 2494-2497 (2020)

Milliwatt-class broadband THz source driven by a 112 W, sub-100 fs thin-disk laser
F. Meyer, N. Hekmat, T. Vogel, A. Omar, S. Mansourzadeh, F. Fobbe, M. Hoffmann, Y. Wang, and C. J. Saraceno
Optics Express Vol. 27, Issue 21, pp. 30340-30349 (2019)

Efficient nonlinear compression of modelocked thin-disk oscillator to 27-fs at 98 W average power
C-L. Tsai, F. Meyer, A. Omar, Y. Wang, A-Y. Liang, C-H. Lu, M. Hoffmann, S-D. Yang, and C. J. Saraceno
Optics Letters Vol. 44, Issue 17, pp. 4115-4118 (2019)

The amazing progress of high-power ultrafast thin-disk lasers
C.J. Saraceno, D. Sutter, T. Metzger, and M.A. Ahmed
Journal of the European Optical Society-Rapid Publications volume 15, Article number: 15 (2019) 

Conference Contributions


  • Spectral Broadening of 2 mJ Femtosecond Pulses in a Compact Multi-pass Cell in Ambient Air 
    Presenter: Alan Omar
  • High-power femtosecond Ho:CALGO laser at 2.1 µm 
    Presenter: Weichao Yao


  • Spectral broadening of 2-mJ ultrashort pulses in a convex-concave multipass cell in ambient air
    Presenter: Alan Omar
  • 8.7-W average power femtosecond Ho:CALGO bulk laser at 2.1 μm
    Presenter: Weichao Yao
  • 50-W, >2- μJ SESAM-modelocked Ho:YAG thin-disk oscillator at 2.1 μm
    Presenter: Sergei Tomilov


  • 1030nm Optimized Photoconductive Receiver Excited >20mW of THz
    Presenter: Tim Vogel
  • New opportunities open by advances in table-top high-power broadband THz sources
    Presenter: Prof. Clara Saraceno
  • Broadband THz-TDS with 5.6mW average power at 540kHz with organic crystal
    Presenter: Samira Mansourzadeh


  • THz Generation With Photoconductive Emitters With a Low-Noise GHz Repetition Rate Laser
    Presenter: Felix Fobbe
  • 5.6 mW Average Power THz Source With 8 THz Bandwidth at 540 kHz Repetition Rate Based on Organic Crystal BNA
    Presenter: Samira Mansourzadeh Ashkani
  • High-Power Excitation of Spintronic THz Emitter in the Back-Cooled Reflection Geometry
    Presenter: Tim Vogel
  • 1030 nm Photoconductive Receiver Excited at >20 mW of THz Average Power
    Presenter: Tim Vogel


CLEO US & Europe

  • Two-color plasma THz transients at 400 kHz repetition rate
    by Dr. Denizhan Kesim, Dr. Celia Millon, M. Sc. Samira Mansourzadeh, Dr. Frank Wulf, M. Sc. Tim Vogel, M. Sc. Alan Omar, Prof.'in Dr. Clara J. Saraceno

  • THz generation in organic crystal BNA at MHz repetition rates
    by M.Sc. Samira Mansourzadeh, M.Sc. Tim Vogel, Dr. Frank Wulf, M. Shalaby, Dr. Clara J. Saraceno



  • Milliwatt-average power broadband THz source at 13.3 MHz repetition rate using diamond-cooled organic crystal BNA
    by M.Sc. Samira Mansourzadeh, M.Sc. Tim Vogel, Dr. Frank Wulf, M. Shalaby, Dr. Clara  J. Saraceno


The European conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics

  • High-Power Broadband THz Source in Organic Crystal BNA at MHz Repetition Rates
    by M.Sc. Samira Mansourzadeh, M.Sc. Tim Vogel, Dr. Frank Wulf, M. Shalaby, Dr. Clara J. Saraceno

  • GW peak power, sub-30-fs pulses from efficient single-stage pulse compressor at 400-kHz
    by M.Sc. Alan Omar, M.Sc. Ahmed Shahwar, Martin Hoffmann, Prof'in Dr. Clara J. Saraceno