Moving towards high-power thin-disk lasers in the 2-µm wavelength range

03.02.2021 - Sergei Tomilov

New Publication in JPhys Photonics about high-power thin-disk laser

New Publication in IEEE Access

04.01.2021 - Clara Saraceno

New Publication in IEEE Access about high-power lensless THz imaging

New Publication in Optics Materials Express

10.10.2020 - Clara Saraceno

Our paper on cryogenically cooled GaP for Optical Rectification at high average power is out!

New Publication in Optics Letters

18.04.2020 - Clara Saraceno

Our recent results on THz generation at high average power are out in Optics Letters.

Our Optics Express has been chosen as an Editor's Pick

28.10.2019 - Frank Meyer

Our latest publication in Optics Express about THz generation in Gallium Phosphide crystals has been ...

New publication in Optics Express

08.10.2019 - Clara Saraceno

Our paper on optical rectification in GaP using our 100W, sub-100fs thin-disk laser is out! ...

New publication in Optics Letters

20.08.2019 - Clara Saraceno

The result of our fruitful collaboration with Prof. Shang-da Yang from the National Tsing Hua ...

New Publication on Thin-Disk Lasers

05.07.2019 - Frank Meyer

We have published a new review paper on the progress of thin-disk laser technology in ...

Clara met Nobel laureate Donna Strickland!

10.04.2019 - Frank Meyer

As one of 2019's OSA Ambassadors Clara travelled to Washington DC for the annual leadership ...

We are one of 13 ERC projects at RUB!

18.03.2019 - Frank Meyer

There are currently 13 projects at RUB that are being funded by the European Research ...